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Spy Camera In Delhi
Spy Camera In Delhi
 Spy Camera Banner In Delhi  Spy Camera Banner In Delhi  Spy Camera Banner In Delhi  Spy Camera Banner In Delhi

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Spy Motion activated mini clock hidden camera night vision 1080hd



This miniature clock camera is packed with features unmatched by most other hidden cameras. It features 1080P HD recording as well as night vision, giving it the ability to record in total darkness.

Setting up this hidden camera is simple, and only takes a few minutes. The camera can be battery powered via the internal rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of continuous operation, or can be AC powered using the included charger, giving it the ability to operate 24/7.

The clock itself is fully functional, and displays both the time and current date. The hidden camera lens records 1080P at the push of a button. Choose either motion-activated or continuous recording. To view your recorded videos, simply remove the micro SD card and insert it into a card reader or into a card slot in your PC or Mac computer (or connect it directly using the included USB cable). There is no special software needed - just click on the video files to play.

Popular uses:

Home Security - Keep an eye on your home while you\'re away with this hidden camera
Concerned Parents- Find out what children are up to when you\'re away or out of town
Business Security - Monitor your office to ensure productivity or investigate employee theft
Hotel Monitoring - Take this miniature camera with you to protect your personal belongings
Nanny Camera - Ensure that your babysitter or nanny takes proper care of your children
Granny Camera/Elderly Care - Keep tabs on loved ones at nursing homes or assisted living facilities


AC or Battery Powered
Choose between AC power or battery power for the ultimate in flexibility
720P HD Video
1080P HD Color Video
This mini clock hidden camera records stunning 1080P HD clear color video
Night Vision Recording
IR Night Vision Recording
Invisible night vision sensors allow recording even in 100% total darkness
Motion Activated Video Recording
Motion Activated Recording
Choose between motion activated or 24/7 continuous recording operation
Records to Micro SD Card
Records to a Micro SD Card
Videos are recorded to a micro SD card up to 32GB - playable on both PC and Mac
Covert Recording
Covert Recording
There are no signs that this ordinary looking clock is actually a hidden spy camera
Remote Control
Includes Remote Control
Use the included remote control to start/stop recording and select recording mode
Easy to Operate
Simple Operation
Camera is simple to set up and can be up and running in just a few minutes
Time and Date Stamp
Embedded Time and Date Stamp
The embedded time/date stamp shows exactly when video files are recorded
1 Year Warranty
Get a full one year product warranty and lifetime technical product support

Spy Camera In Delhi Spy Camera In Delhi
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